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Estimates of Mobile Phones and SmartPhones supporting HTML5

Over the last few months, we have seen lot of client requests who want to reach out to their customers and target segment through Mobile. Of course one way is to create a native mobile app (iPhone, Android, J2ME Blackberry or iPad) for each platform, and the other way is to create a mobile website. Now, some of the clients opt for both the approaches, and some just for one, depending upon their budget and target market.

When it comes to mobile websites, we have seen little hesitation on creating HTML5 Mobile Websites. We get lot of questions on what is the future for HTML5, what benefits over the WAP, and most important being which mobile phones are supported by HTML5?

Lets try to answer the last one, which mobile phones or smart phones support HTML5?

Mobile Device HTML5 Support Mobile Browsers Future HTML5 Support
iPhone Excellent support on iPhone and iPad using mobile Safari mobile Safari Excellent, Apple has taken a position in favor of HTML5 against Flash
Android Excellent Support on more than 97% of Android Devices with the default Google Android Browser Android Browser, SkyFire Excellent, Google is moving to HTML5 for its core products like Gmail, Youtube, Google Voice and more.
Blackberry Excellent on  new Models (Torch, Curve 9330, and Bold 9650) running Blackberry OS 6+

Good on Models running Blackberry OS 5+(Curve 8520, Bold 9700, Curve 8900, Storm)

Average on older Models running Blackberry OS 4+ (Curve 8310, 8330, Bold 8700)

Bolt, Blackberry 6 Native Browser, Opera Mobile With the latest Blackberry OS 6 supporting HTML5, majority of 100 Million+ Blackberry devices would soon start supporting HTML5 with default browser.
Windows Phone 7 Excellent support on new Windows Phone 7 series like Nokia Lumia Internet Explorer 9 Although Microsoft didn’t support HTML5 as default with Windows Phone 7, but the new Internet Explorer version 9 in works supports HTML5 and enables the mobile HTML5 support.
Symbian Average Support on Nokia and Samsung Phones

Good Support on new Nokia Symbian 3 Phones

Good Support on LG Phones with their browser Phantom

Bolt, Skyfire,Phantom Good Chances that Nokia would be soon announcing complete support for HTML5 in Symbian 4 OS. Till that time third party browsers like Bolt, and Skyfire would be there for all the Symbian phones having J2ME support.
Samsung Good Support on Bada Phones Dolfin Samsung is betting big on Bada and targeting conversion of its mid-market popular phones to Bada from Symbian and other OS.
Palm Excellent support on new Web OS

Average support on older devices

Web With HP buying Palm, lot of devices are expected using Web OS, and having the webkit based browser called ‘Web’


  1. A Lot of HTML5 features depend on the underlying specifications of mobile phone like camera, codecs support, Processor, Screen Resolution, and more.
  2. If you want to check how much support your current mobile phone browser has, simply go to www.html5test.com from your mobile browser.

So, How many mobile phones exist right now which can display HTML5 mobile websites?

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, worldwide HTML5 phone sales will surge from 336 million units in 2011 to 1 billion units in 2013. HTML5 has quickly become a high-growth technology that will help smartphones, feature phones, tablets, notebooks, desktop PCs, televisions and vehicles to converge through cloud services. Moreover

  • 34% of top 100 sites using HTML5 – binvisions.com
  • 75% of Developers Using or Plan to Use HTML5: Survey – Evans Data
  • 2.1 billion HTML5 Browsers on Mobile Devices by 2016 – ABI Research
  • HTML5 in the Top 10 tech trends for 2012 – CNN Tech
  • HTML5 is the #1 job trend – .netmagazine, indeed.com
  • The Web is going through a once-in-a-decade technology transition to HTML5 and CSS3 – Gartner

At its 2012 Developer Summit, AT&T cited the estimate of an installed base of 2.1 billion mobile devices (including phones) in 2016. AT&T also predicted HTML5 on all its smartphones , with support for an increasing number of HTML5 functions.

Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics, on Dec 7, 2011 in a press conference at Boston said, “HTML5 has quickly become a high-growth technology that will help smartphones, feature phones, tablets, notebooks, desktop PCs, televisions and vehicles to converge in the future. HTML5 will be a pivotal technology in the growth of a multi-screen, 4G LTE cloud that is emerging for mobile operators, device makers, car manufacturers, component vendors and Web app developers. With its potential to transcend some of the barriers faced by native apps, such as cross-platform usability, HTML5 is a market that no mobile stakeholder can afford to ignore”

Now, you need to decide if you still want to create a WAP site or leverage HTML5 to create a highly interactive and engaging mobile website for your users. In either of the cases, do Contact Us, and we would be happy to help.

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  1. Vikas, great blog! I’m doing some work with clients using HTML5 and always am looking for data on how prevalent it is. This is a great summarization. Do you have anything split out for U.S.?

    • Hugh, I do not have specific U.S. Numbers, but my guess would be that you can take 40-60% of the numbers I have quoted in the Blog as U.S. only. This is based on some of the original data we had.

    • Thanks Sarah, We used couple of research reports from Analysts including Gartner, data from different mobile devices being sold by Google, Android, Nokia, and extrapolated based on the growth rate to arrive at these estimates. I think we have overshot our estimates now, and it would be growing at a better rate than we expected.

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